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A Message to the Wedding Couples

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Couple of things to be noted while it comes to have great pictures!

Getting married is one of the most important events in almost all of our lives. Couples as well as friends and family wait for this big day and make a lot of preparations. Sometimes, we even take loans from banks. We decorate the wedding hall, stage, houses etc. for this special occasion. But alas, this event that we dream of and plan so hard to make it absolutely perfect lasts only one day. After the program, all of the decorations goes in vain and cruelly makes its way to the dustbin. All that remains are the good memories in the minds of the couples, parents, and the attendees. But is the human mind strong enough to keep these memories forever? The answers is NO. Then what to do? How can we make this day be remembered throughout our lifetime so that the next generation and the generation after that remembers it?

Couple of things to be noted while it comes to have great pictures:

1. Stage:

This is a very important factor of wedding photography because most of the pictures taken are clicked on the stage. When making your wedding stage, make sure that adequate LIGHT is there. Even if the photographers use their flash or other artificial lights, due to lack of ambient light, all the efforts will be in vain. Secondly, make the stage background CONTRAST with the dress of the Bride & Groom. If the Bride & Groom are wearing light colored outfits, make the stage background dark or vise versa, if the Bride & Groom are wearing dark colored outfits, make the stage background light. And usually, it is implied that the Bride and Groom match.

2. Arrival to the Venue:

In my professional career, I have experienced that Brides and Grooms who arrive late to the venue do not end up with the best pictures. This is simply because the more time you will give to the photographers, the more better pictures they will be able to take. If you arrive late on your wedding day, you won't be able to concentrate and give us enough time for taking your pictures. So be punctual.

3. Make up:

This is another very important issue that you have to keep in mind. Since the wedding is only once in a lifetime, better go to a professional for your makeup. There are many professionals who are experts in this field. Take the opinions of your beloved ones to choose the right makeup artists. Some professional makeup artists also have the option to have trial makeovers so you can see prior to your wedding day how your makeup will look like. Gather the references and make your decision.

4. At the time of Photo shoot:

Now it is time where we make " this day be remembered throughout our life" happen. I normally have a session with the Bride & Groom before the wedding day. I show them some of my work and instruct them to do so. As a photographer, I know exactly what I want from the Bride and Groom and it's also very important for the Bride and Groom to know what exactly the photographer wants. In the same way, if the Bride and Groom have some specific things they want, they can also tell me those so I can keep them in mind. So it's better to have a separate session with the photographer regarding the photo shoot. It's very important to have sync and a good connection and relation between the photographer and the Bride and Groom to produce an excellent photo Session.

5. Managing the Invitees:

It is also crucial to manage the Invited Guests. The Guests will have to take part in the photo shoots. In order to make this run smoothly, assign someone from your family who can manage the Guests, to draw their attention to the photography. Make sure that no one comes in front of the camera while pictures are being taken. Also, obviously Guests will bring camera’s of their own. They are definitely encouraged and welcome to take pictures of their own, however they should make sure not to interfere or disturb the work of the photography team. One thing you must never forget - always introduce your important family members to the photography team so that they can prioritize.

6. Outdoor / Studio Shooting:

It is very common to have an Outdoor / Studio Shooting with the Bride and Groom and their families. Both PRE & POST wedding shoots are nice to keep in your albums. Go for an outing with the full family to capture some memorable pictures.

7. Some Must Have Shot’s:

When I go for an assignment of wedding photography, I regularly take some notes, browse some pictures which help me to take some must have shots. For example, the Full Family of the Bride and Groom with rotation & permutation; the accessories of the wedding (Rings, Watches, Flowers, ornaments etc.); arrival of the Bride and Groom; some formal rituals/ceremonies that are done at the event and so on. It is important to capture every moment, from the teeny tiny details, to the major moments of the night.

8. The Photo Story:

This is my favorite part - A PHOTO STORY. Don't just only take pictures, capture the moments in short clips too. The little incidents and details of the Wedding Day will give the Photo Story a LIFE. Making a Photo Story or Documentation will give your Wedding Album a higher BOOST than that of your beloved ones. Give both time and energy to the photographer to help you on this.

9. Backing Up the Memories:

Well, what to say, all of the hard work to capture your memories will go in vain if you don't back up the soft copies of the pictures of your Wedding. God forbid, if the DVD fails or their is some malfunction, you will end up losing all these precious memories. So, keep backup of the files in different locations. You can also back them up in the internet. Lots of websites will allow you to do that. Usually, I do keep backups of my clients pictures in case they get lost. So you can always come to me for a second copy. But it's better to just do it yourself too.

10. Choosing the RIGHT Person for the JOB:

Here the question is who is capturing the most important day in your life? Are they professional? Are they trained enough and artistic enough to take the responsibility of capturing the moments you will cherish for the rest of your life? Or just they are just coming and clicking and giving you the prints? It’s a good question and very difficult to answer. Whenever you see the picture of your friends and compare it with others, you feel that this one is good or that one is better. But you would obviously want yours to be the very best ones. So be very CAUTIOUS when choosing your photographer. Have a look at their previous work via print or web and appoint them for the JOB.

One common perception exists in the mind of the general people is that - Why should we hire a HIGHLY PAID photographer when I can get the same at a lower price? "We are incurring huge expense in the wedding, appointing a professional photographer will boost my expenses even more, I decided not to go for a Pro... so I can save a lot here" - said one of my friends. I replied, "Yes, you are already incurring Huge Costs for the decoration and other things but only for one day... but I am taking money from you so I can make this day last for the rest of your life".

So… the decision is up to you.

A Wedding Day is a day that you will never forget. So make it more worthy. Get the most out of it cause you will never get it back. Try to enjoy this occasion cause you are going to do that for the rest of your life. Feel the joy and relax yourself so that it remains in your mind along in the album forever.

I wish you all the very best for your Wedding Day and after.

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